My name is Lesa Elesabeth Davis-Mitchell (I know, that’s a mouth full).  I usually just go by Lesa Davis.  Lately I have been thinking…I don’t know any mature ladies named Lesa or Lisa so I’m considering using a “pen name” Elesabeth Mitchell… I’ll think on that more.  I started this blog at 44, I’m married and have three adult biological children and one biological grandson…however, I have several adult step children and several step grandchildren and I love them all, whether I gave birth to them or not.

My career…now that’s tricky!  I have gone to school for several things and I frequently get bored …this is difficult when you get in your 40’s, people aren’t so quick to hire you when you left two or three other places doing the same thing.  What makes us think this will be the one?  (I’ve heard that a time or two).  Ultimately I would love to be a business owner or so I think… I’m currently working in a position that I do like but I know it won’t be long before I start to get restless.  Maybe I will become a professional blogger??

I don’t want to get to heavy with this blog, I would like to keep it light, I will not be making political or religious rants…I’ll save that for another platform.  I will refer to “the Creator or God” because I am not ashamed of my beliefs, but in no way am I fanatical.  I hope this will be entertaining, funny, helpful, and inspiring.  Look out internet world here I come!


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