New Horizons

One of the many things that attracted me and my husband to each other was our desire to be entrepreneurs.  He has been in business for himself for over 30 years, some years were good some not so much.   Me, on the other hand have not stayed so focused….I have had several business ideas and even a few businesses but I was never able to stay interested past the “lean” years.  I would like to say that I am business owner material but maybe I’m not, or maybe I just haven’t found the one thing that makes me want it bad enough.  Even with all of this I am going to give it another try, I think my past experiences haven’t been so successful because I was juggling too many hats…mom, wife, friend, employee and most recently grandmother.  Now that I have put some of those hats on the back burner, I may have the energy and drive to pick the entrepreneur hat back up.  Stay tuned new things are on the horizon…..


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