Why are Weekends so Short?

Seems like Friday takes forever but Monday comes in the blink of an eye!  Over Christmas and New Years my husband and I ended up with the flu, let me tell you neither of us has ever felt this bad.  I really thought I would need to get my affairs in order because the end was near!  Now a little background, my husband NEVER stays home and for the most part neither do I.  Especially when I just started a new job!  This was bad timing in every way.  After two visits each to the Dr and two visits each to the emergency we finally pulled through. We were back to our usual routine….living for the weekends!  

I try to make Friday night last forever!  I stay up as late as possible I want to savor the thought that I have two more day left.  Don’t get me wrong, I like my job, it’s a good job, but who really wants to work?  I work out of necessity, plain and simple!  That’s why I try to make the best of the weekend, Monday will be here before you know it!  I can’t wait for all of this snow and ice to melt away, let the top down on my convertible and drive off into the sunset with my husband at my side!  There is nothing better than shopping in little strip malls, eating in quaint restaurants, and just enjoying each other and our new found freedom!  



Here we are at Union Station in St. Louis, this was a really fun trip we just got up one morning and decided to ride the train to Chicago and St. Louis was one of the stops!!


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